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  • 34 chevaux rescapés en Mayenne

    La Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis est retournée à Jublains pour secourir les derniers chevaux.
    Début février 2017, la Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis intervenait en Mayenne pour secourir des chevaux en urgence absolue. Disséminés sur une parcelle de 4 hectares, ils n’avaient ni nourriture ni eau. En (...)

  • 37 chiens sauvés attendent une adoption

    Ni identifiés, ni stérilisés ni vaccinés : 37 chiens vivaient en meute dans une maison à Poussignac (47). C’est une particulière, complètement dépassée par le nombre, qui accumulait ces pauvres animaux, qu’elle sauvait à droite et à gauche… Ils ont fini par se reproduire sans contrôle et à souffrir de ces (...)

  • Cat Almost Died Because Someone Didn’t Like His Claws

    Valentine was hardly more than a kitten when he was dropped off at a Los Angeles shelter missing his claws.
    Even worse, the surgery was so brutally botched, it left Valentine in searing pain. His paws were so infected, the staff wasn’t sure if he would even survive.
    Zoey’s (...)

  • Hairless Cat Loves To Snuggle With Her New Pit Bull Sister

    Pickle the hairless cat and her littermates all became very sick when they were just tiny kittens. They were surrendered to the ASPCA in New York City when they were 3 weeks old due to severe upper respiratory infections. Unfortunately, Pickle’s siblings passed away from the (...)

  • ​No One Noticed This Shelter Dog For Weeks — Until Someone Took His Picture

    For weeks, no one noticed the pit bull mix at the shelter.
    Sheldon, who’s about 2 years old, arrived at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control shelter in late 2016. He knew basic commands like “sit” and “paw,” which suggested that he’d had a family. But no one came to claim (...)

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